So this is the chapter everyone has been waiting for. The Royal Guard is finally here and based on their appearances and arrival, I have to say eh. The fat one in the middle looks like a bald, white, Kiganjo and the one to his left looks like Wakaba from Fairy Tail (the girl to the right also looks a bit like Ultear). They don't look like much, so I guess we'll see how they do once in combat. I more so want history though. Also, Kubo changed the Royal Guard insignia. I like this new one though, it looks more like the Gotei 13 insignias now.

In other news, Ichigo's Bankai is broken so now Kubo will probably have him go through some power up that restores his Bankai and makes him super powerful as you know its coming. It seems a lot more people know about Ikkaku's Bankai than previously thought. Somehow I doubt it is as big a secret as Ikkaku thinks.

Also, Kon is back. I was really hoping the dude was gone forever after he got picked up by the 12th division. He is very annoying and I had hoped we were done with him. Seems he now has a battle mode (anyone else finding too many similarities to Fairy Tail in this chapter?).

As always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

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