Im kind of late on this and probably should be later. Too much to do but I put my books away for a minute just so I could write this for you guys so I better get extra praise for my amazing blog this week...or else!!

So not a whole lot happened this week and overall it was kind of a lackluster chapter but not bad. I was really hoping for more explanation but it seems Kubo is going to leave us in the dark as he has done so many times throughout this arc. All we get for an explanation on Kugo's bankai is that it is indeed his own power. But we are still left with the questions of how can he use it without his Zanpakuto, why is his form so dramatically changed and what exactly is his power. I have my own beliefs concerning this but I shall keep that to myself.

We did get a little explanation here, the whole point in Ichigo becoming a Substitute was that he was to be used as bait. Soul Society was going to let Ichigo and Kugo kill each other and they would be done with things then but Ichigo changed their minds and thus they decided to help him. This chapter did clarify one thing. Ichigo is only the second substitute Shinigami in history.

I hate what Kubo is doing with Ichigo currently. Kugo fires a massive attack at him and Ichigo crushes it with his bare hand. He is too powerful right now. He is being made to seem like the strongest being in all the universe right now and nothing can stop him. Now it seems like there is no force that could ever come along that could stand up to Ichigo. This is going to ruin fights for the rest of the series unless there is a reasonable explanation that comes as to why he is suddenly weaker. I also am not liking that it appears as if this is the end of the battle. It better not be as this had and still has the potential for being the greatest fight in a long time. Hopefully we see more

Well, as always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean and full of extra praise. Now I go back to my studying.

A few clarifications:

  • Since this seems to be coming up time and time again. KUGO IS NOT A VISORED. He does not have a Hollow mask, he cannot use Hollow powers. He did not fire a cero. Lets stop with all this Kugo is a visored nonsense.
  • A Zanpakuto is an extension of a Shinigami's soul. A Shinigami can only have one Zanpakuto. Ichigo is using Tensa Zangetsu currently. It would be impossible for him to have any other Zanpakuto.

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