Im just going to skip past the utterly boring first half of this chapter and move on to the meat.

Okay, so Unohana with her hair down is creepy as hell. Kubo got my hopes up though. They walk down into Muken and you all know what I was wanting to see. But no, Kubo didn't deliver! Grrrr, I really wanted to see his return! Also, how is Kenpachi just up and walking around? He was said to be in a coma he may never wake up from and yet it looks like he doesn't even have a scratch on him.

Anyway, I'm calling bullshit on Kubo. So we finally get to see Unohana fight and now he plans to kill her? The hell? Kill Kenpachi, he is more useless. Unohana is a better swordsman than him and the best healer in Soul Society. Kenpachi is just a guy who likes to kill things. Keep Unohana, kill Kenpachi. Plus, Unohana has Bankai. Bankai > Shikai.

But seriously, in terms of battle strength, even if Kenpachi becomes a better swordsmen than Unohana, Unohana is a better asset. If Kubo does end up killing her after only a sparring session with Kenpachi, myself and many others will be pissed, as she is said to be the strongest captain in Soul Society.

Anyway, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean

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