I think I got the name right considering it was the only non dialogue words in the chapter. This is going to be a short post because not much happened in the chapter. I am going to skip the plot summary and just go into my thoughts.

So I am not impressed by this one. I found the last couple to be very interesting but this one did not do it for me. The first thing I have to address is the swastika. I have a feeling people are going to start up the "Ichigo is a nazi" thing again. Yes, the Nazis used the swastika as their simple but in no way should it be considered a symbol of what they did. The symbol is far older than the Nazis and holds very positive connotations. So lets end that there. Now I think my biggest problem with this chapter was the speed. There was no meat to the chapter, it was just frame after frame of Ichigo trying to use his fullbring properly. It took me all of 3 minutes to read this chapter. I understand he cannot use it right immediately but do we need an entire chapter of it? Kugo's explanation of Ichigo's power was... alright. I didn't find it particularly interesting but whatever, I suppose it was necessary. Now the main thing in this chapter is Orihime at the end. Apparently someone wants her dead. The reasoning will be interesting. It looks like this arc may start picking up now as to its real purpose.

So not a bad chapter just not particularly good. I am looking forward to next week as I think the real story of the arc is going to start picking up now.

As always, comments are very welcomed, just keep them clean.

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