Another week, another chapter and a terrible chapter name. Is Brocken meant to be Broken? I would assume so but Kubo does like to misspell words. Any way, its late so I am skipping the summary again this week. Maybe I will add it in tomorrow. I will start with one gripe though. I hate how mangastream is loading their pages now. They load the page in sections instead of from top to bottom and so now instead of being able to read the top of the page while the bottom loads like I used to, i have to sit and wait for it all to load before I start. Bad move mangastream.

I really enjoyed this chapter. This is the chapter I have been waiting for, finally some explanation. Plus ISSHIN RETURNED! Isshin is awesome. Lets start at the beginning though. Unagiya returns which was alright. I wouldn't mind seeing a little more from her as she was pretty funny in the past. She knows something is up with Ichigo and wants to know what. Too bad she won't understand any of it if she is told. Now, my favorite part of this chapter is what Kugo explains. I have been waiting for a little history. I had not thought of Tsukishima as possibly having been the leader. It fits very well with what we have seen of him though. He does not seem the type to take orders from someone like Kugo. Now when they showed that substitute Shinigami, am I the only one that thought it looked like Isshin? Of course this is shot down a page later when Kugo says Tsukishima killed the substitute. But at last, we know why Kugo has a badge! It makes sense and Kubo did not forget about it. We also now have it confirmed that he was the one to attack Uryu.

Now the Isshin, Urahara confrontation was nice. Something is up there. I am 99.999% positive that Urahara will remain a good guy but shady as ever. If Kubo all the sudden decides he is an enemy I might throw a fit. Back at Xcution headquarters. Riruka sends Ichigo into a fishtank which has me wondering how he is able to breathe underwater this time. Who knows anymore. Any way, it looks like next chapter we will get to see more to Ichigo's fullbring as well as Jackie's probably. Here's to that. I have been enjoying all the Fullbrings so far (aside from Ichigo's). I am hoping for something good out of her.

As always, comments are very much welcomes, just keep them clean.

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