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Godisme June 29, 2011 User blog:Godisme

I have to keep this one kind of short because I have to get going. Between having started P90X so I have to do my daily incredibly painful workout and helping my sister move today, I am not going to be around most of the day. Anyway, on to the chapter.

A fantastic chapter. My favorite chapters are always the ones that either a) have lots of action, b)move the plot quite a bit or c)explain a lot. We got a c this time. We finally have exactly what Tsukishima can do and I really like this explanation. It really fits well with the bookmark theme. Tsukishima can become a bookmark in the book of a person's life, inserting himself wherever he wants. Pretty neat ability. I was glad to see Yukio was okay. One person brought up last week that he thought it sounded like Tsukishima had killed the other members of Xcution and while I initially dismissed it, C-net's translation of what Kūgo says at the end is that Tsukishima killed them all. I miss Ju-Ni. Anyway, yeah, Xcution is alive.

One thing that bugs me is Isshin and Urahara. I get Kubo wants to make it mysterious and what not but come on. Its been like 5 chapters and they have done nothing but talk in ways that make no sense to us and walk. I want something to make me gasp or at least just start questioning things again. Something needs to happen with that situation in the next chapter or I will be thoroughly disappointed.

As always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

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