So I actually have no work to do in class today which means that I can write this nice and early. Hooray. We get a chapter out nice and early this week.

Not too much happened in this chapter. It seems that Rukia is fine, for now at least. Yukio claims that his chat room cannot be destroyed only to have it destroyed a second later by Ichigo releasing bankai, which is pretty stupid in my opinion. They have now made Ichigo seem like some all powerful god as compared to everyone else when we know his power is just going to fluctuate again and he will seem very weak soon enough. Ichigo rambles about how he had always suspected Ukitake and had made the choice to protect, yada yada yada, Kugo goes Bankai.

The big part of this chapter were the two Bankais. I am not so impressed with Ichigo's. His sword looks pretty cool but the rest of it is just his old shihakusho with a few extra lines. I was really hoping we would see the form he took after the Dangai training again. That to me looked much better and looked like it was growth in Ichigo's power rather than just a silly new form.

Kugo's on the other hand was very interesting to see. He looks to have bulked up a bit and his hair is now white. His sword is definitely the best looking part of this form, very sickle/reaper like while maintaining its sword form. Very interesting. Am looking forward to see the full form next week.

As always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean

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