I am late on this, sorry. I have been busy all day. This is going to be a rather short blog post as I am still busy, have to go soon and didn't find anything all that great about this chapter. Also, more of you need to go to central and oppose this talk page overhaul. It is horrendous.

So we see the conclusion of two fights pretty much. Renji vs. Jackie which was another one hit battle, and Hitsugaya vs. Yukio, which is basically another one hit battle. I get that the Fullbringers stand no chance against the Shinigami but at least make it interesting. Renji jabs Jackie in the stomach with his hilt, battle over. Hitsugaya gets Yukio to rant and then freezes him, battle over. I wanted at least a little bit of a fight. Ikkaku has also probably taken out Sushigawara at this point and I bet you Byakuya took out Tsukishima with that one attack. Ichigo and Ury vs. Kugo is likely the only real fight we are going to see. Maybe we will get something with Rukia vs. Riruka.

Now, there was a little something of interest here. Hints at Jackie's past that she was adopted and Yukio's past was revealed. The kid is a no good thief, stealing all of his dad's money. Makes sense I suppose. I would have liked to see a little more fleshing out here but oh well. Its Kugo's past that I really want to see. So here is hoping to that.

As always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

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