Kubo is in the mood for some blood lately. I didn't think a Shinigami had that much blood in their body but Byakuya certainly proved that wrong. Anyway, I had a fantastic start to my day with over 15 questions on Bleach answers all asking "Is Byakuya Dead?". To top it off, Yyp had already answered an additional 5 or so of them so that means there are over 20 people who can't read a page that says Byakuya Kuchiki died. I swear sometimes, there is really no hope for the human race.

Anyway, lets get to the blood shed. As Nodt has killed Byakuya now and god damn that was a lot of blood in that final frame of him. My problem with this is that it really feels like Byakuya's death served no purpose. I was having this discussion with Lemursrule a while back and she guessed correctly that Byakuya would die. But the reason behind that was that it was thought Byakuya's death would be a motivator for Renji and Rukia. However, Renji and Rukia are both down and badly beaten at the moment. There is no one left who would look at Byakuya's death and because of it, gain the strength to win or do anything major. Im alright with characters dying, but there needs to be a reason behind it and there doesn't seem much reason or purpose behind this death.

But then at the end, we get our always loveable taste of extreme violence. Kenpachi has already killed 3 Vandenreich members and is wearing them as a new coat. Whenever Kenpachi shows up lately, its always a good time. In a way, Kenpachi is the captain most suited for combat with the SternRitter. He has no bankai and so can use his full strength with no worries. He doesn't have to adjust or think of a new tactic. He can just keep slashing away at them. His defeat of three of them really shows off a theory I have had for a while. Ichigo asked Kirge if they fear Bankai. This prompted my thinking that they do indeed fear bankai and the reason behind this was that they were not strong enough to take on Bankais. Yes, they seem very strong, but a Bankai increases the power of the shikai 5 to 10 times. The Vandenreich do not appear to be as strong as a Bankai would make a Shinigami and thus they steal the Bankai to ensure their win. We saw Ichigo pounding Kirge into pieces with his Bankai and with Kenpachi, he can fight on or near that level without a Bankai. In essence, the Vandenreich are strong but not as strong as a Bankai, and Kenpachi is right around that level when he is fighting seriously. Of the remaining Captains though, maybe only Yamamoto could deal with the Vandenreich members so easily.

Anyway, those are just my thoughts and wild ramblings. So as always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

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