Finally, I am on time. I know I am on time because we have not had a flood of people filling in the details of what happened in this chapter on the character pages yet. And darn it, I was hoping to beat Lemursrule on her blog. She beat me by just a few minutes. So alright, chapter time.

I am still thoroughly confused on the first two pages of the chapter. What the hell happened to Riruka? I'm thinking this is some kind of love deprivation technique where Riruka forces an opponent into solitary confinement? I don't know. That aside, the rest of the chapter was a little more straightforward.

Byakuya vs. Tsukishima. Tsukishima knows everything Byakuya can do. An interesting situation for a battle. The fact that Byakuya willingly put himself in danger in order to defeat Tsukishima was excellent to see. Byakuya has always been a fierce warrior and to see the levels he is willing to go to in order to win is a fearsome sight. I absolutely loved the end of the battle then. Byakua grabbed his own blades, hid them and then launched them through Tsukishima's stomach in order to kill him. A great scene. Saying that he enjoyed the battle is an evolution of Byakuya's character. It is not something we have seen from a lot of characters. There has not been a whole lot of emotional change but Byakuya has no displayed a true growth and change. One thing that you can bet will come of this is a new dynamic in his relationship with Kenpachi. Perhaps Kenpachi will finally get that fight he has been after for so long now.

Well, as always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

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