I am semi late on this, sorry about that. Things to take care of. Anyway, on to the blog.

There is not a whole lot I can say about this chapter, it was mostly explanatory and not so much story driven. The weak spot in Byakuya's zanpakuto was kind of dumb. This was never even remotely hinted at before. It seems to me Kubo just needed to show off how Tsukishima's attack worked now that he cut Senbonzakura. (sidnenote, Mangastream's translation was riddled with as many grammar errors as you would expect to find from manga reader. It irked me.) Also, I did not want to throw this out there last week because I thought people would jump down my throat for saying it but I so called Byakuya getting cut. Now, most likely this will lead to Byakuya having some way to resist it but the way I see this, it is the perfect opportunity to bring back in the other Shinigami who have already won. Ikkaku, Kenpachi and Renji and probably Hitsugaya are all standing there doing nothing pretty much now. What if Byakuya were to turn to Tsukishima's side? The others would have to fight one of the strongest captains in Soul Society while trying to take down Tsukishima to free him. I think this could work very well. I doubt Kubo would do it, but still.

The Riruka, Rukia fight as we thought is all pretty comical. We now know what love gun does, kind of cheesey like the rest of her Fullbring but it fits. The addiction shot is also interesting. How Rukia will get out of it, I don't know. Possibly one of the others comes to her aid. We'll see. That's all I really have to say on this chapter.

As always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

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