I'm late on this, or am I early since the chapter is a day early? I want you all to ponder on that for a minute. Got your answer? Now forget about it. Alright, I am stalling for time as I think up what I want to say for this. So lets start.

This was entirely a set up chapter. We get the start of some of the battles. Firstly though, come on, Kenpachi really beat Giriko? He has control over time, I was thinking he was going to reverse time and bring himself back to life or something. Would have been better than just Kenpachi wins again. At least we got to see Yachiru, she has not changed much in 17 months and I am happy to see she is still a lieutenant. I kept seeing a rumor going around that she got promoted to Captain and always thought that was ridiculous. She provides some good comic relief.

Then the whole Kugo, Ichigo, Uryu thing. I am not sure I really get what Uryu was meaning when he thought it was so bad that Ichigo was never told about Kugo, I would think it is a simple disavowment. Happens all the time in real life. Any contracted agent to the government is disavowed should they stop being contracted. So I dont really see what he means here. Looking like we are going to get another Ichigo and Uryu team up like against Ulquiorra but with Uryu a little more active.

Hitsugaya vs. Yukio is seeming like a rather boring fight to me. I don't like Yukio and I don't like Hitsugaya and their abilities dont really interest me all that much so that little bit bored me a little.

Rukia vs Riruka is looking like it will be the comic relief fight. You would think Rukia would love being surrounded by cute little animals but she seems annoyed. Riruka is about to fire the love gun so maybe we will finely see what it does and why Tsukishima was scared of it.

Now Byakuya and Tsukishima. This looks like it could be a really great fight so I am hoping Byakuya did not just end it there. Tsukishima from what we have seen is an excellent swordsman and is going up against one of the most proficient swordsmen in Soul Society. This has the makings of a great fight but who knows if we will get it.

Any way, thats about all I have to say on this chapter so as always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

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