I suppose I am late on this considering how early the chapter came out. Its been a busy day. Too much stuff going on for me right now. Anyway, on to the chapter

This was exactly the chapter that was needed. We finally got the beginnings of Xcution. We know why each object is so important to the members that it is the base of their Fullbring. Giriko's watch was handed down through the generations of his family, he lost his eye using his power in order to kill his wife. Jackie's boots were given to her as one of the only gifts in her life even though they were clearly stolen. Her powers activated when she first got them dirty, by her siblings blood. Yukio was ignored as a child, he only had his game to keep him company. Riruka has always loved many things and kept her crush in a box for a while.

This was what was needed. Though it did not cover the two biggest mysteries, Kugo and Tsukishima, it was a nice break from the action and it was good to see the history of these characters. It helped me understand Xcution more as characters and understand their actions. I think this was an important chapter to put out.

I would have liked to see a little more from Yukio though. His story was just kind of skimmed whereas Jackie and Giriko had pretty in depth stories. All in all a good chapter and hopefully we will get Tsukishima and Kugo (Kubo has to give us his time as a Shinigami. Come on.) in a later chapter.

So as always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

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