I have no idea if I am late or not on this but I am assuming I am reasonably on time. I was off meeting Mitt Romney whom I must say gives a fantastic speech. On to the chapter now.

In many ways, this chapter kind of let me down. We start with Rukia vs. Riruka and Rukia is just running away in her tiny little devil toy and is faster than Riruka, a full sized human. That is just ridiculous. It seems Kubo is purposely trying to make the Fullbringers seem very weak more so than they are. Then Rukia all the sudden starts using Shunpo? The logic fails here as she was not able to use Kido while in the toy but has no problem using Shunpo? I don't know.

Then we have Kugo who just because he absorbed Ichigo's Fullbring, can now use Getsuga Tensho and all of Ichigo's attacks. Problem here is Ichigo only has one attack. I was really hoping to see some unique attacks from Kugo. I wanted to see a fight for the ages but now we are likely to only get a bunch of Getsuga spam with Uryu firing off some arrows. This was a huge let down for me.

At the end, we started to get a little of the history of Xcution and its members, the real truth, but no dice. We got next to nothing. Well, here is hoping to a better chapter next week.

As always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean

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