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Where to start with this one? Hmm, well let me first say LOVE. I loved this chapter. There is something about Ichigo running for his life that always cracks me up and makes me a love a chapter. So here we go.

We start with that front page that immediately sets the mood. Best first page in a long time, it had me cracking up. Ichigo is trying to survive against the doll but is struggling. Meanwhile we have Riruka taunting him(new pledge, I will stop putting her down so much). Ichigo asks for an explanation and Riruka explains more of her ability. She is able to give permission to enter of leave the things she loves. Kugo only loves his pendant but she loves many things. She stops explaining and tells Ichigo to use fullbring. Ichigo, scurrying for his life, tries to think. Meanwhile Kugo, in his deadpan face, thinks Riruka is being unreasonable. Ichigo asks Riruka for a hint but she says that they have all been able to use Fullbring since birth and so there is no hint. The doll then speaks and Riruka reveals that inside the doll, "Mr. Pork", is a yakuza member she kidnapped. For those of you who do not know, the Yakuza are the japanese mafia and are known to be about the most violent, deadliest mob in the world. The doll says he has 15 minutes to kill Ichigo or he will be stuck like that. Riruka then closes the doll house and asks for some tea. Ichigo tries to think what he can use for Fullbring. Jackie tells Riruka if she is worried about Ichigo why not help him. Riruka claims she is not worried and that if Ichigo dies it will just prove he had no potential. Jackie then asks if the fifteen minute timer will be up soon. Sado arrives and learns that Ichigo is in the dollhouse. He runs to the lid and tells Ichigo to use his representative badge. As he is about to grab his badge, the timer activates and the doll grows to a huge beast.

So I loved this chapter. It was full of hilarious moments that had me rolling. Also, Kugo's deadpan face is just amazing. He is definitely still rising on my list of favorites. Now last week I defended Riruka's ability in a comment. I think it is an excellent ability. It sounds stupid the way she explains it but really it is just Matter Resizing which is an amazing ability. She demonstrated this chapter what she can really do with it, trapping a Yakuza member in a doll. The bit with Sado saying Ichigo should use his badge did not surprise me. I was expecting that that would be what he would use. Overall a very nice chapter. Like I said when I started, I love when Ichigo is running for his life and yelling at people. That, unlike Riruka, is my favorite part of him. He is thick headed and refuses to just go with things. Also, yes, I am trying to stop making fun of Riruka so much. If you catch me putting her down, call me out on it because I feel I put her down even more than my least favorite characters.

Anyway, as always, comments are greatly appreciated, just keep them clean and no crack theories.

Clarification: Alright it seems a lot of people are still confused on this so I will put it here. Fullbring is gained from a parent being attacked by a Hollow, not just the mother. This means that the father can be attacked as well. I do not know where people are getting the only the mother part but it is not true.

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