I am going to skip the summary this time and just get into the meat for a few reasons. First being that I read the chapter on my phone and now that I switched to my laptop, mangastream will not load for me and so I may be a little shaky on the events. Also, I want to focus a lot on Orihime.

So my overall thoughts on the chapter were that it was okay. Not the best but miles ahead of how the chapters were a month or two ago. I was not expecting Kugo to have beaten Ichigo that badly. When Sado first said that they needed Orihime I thought the fight was going to last a long time and that Ichigo would get damaged as time went on. I was not expecting Ichigo to barely be able to speak which was a pleasant surprise for me as I like seeing that Kugo is that strong. Also there was the reveal that Sado had been attacked by Tsukishima. I think this could have been executed a little better. We saw Sado last week and he showed no signs of having been attacked by Tsukishima. He did not seem worried, he wasn't acting strange. I think this is one of those times that it is clear that Kubo really does write on the fly. I do like that he is training to become stronger, though his training room gives me too much of a Hyperbolic Time Chamber/Goku gravity training feel. I have always felt that there is more in store for his Fullbring. Just having the arms did not seem complete to me. My gut tells me that he will gain some new armor but who knows.

Now, the big part of this chapter to me was Orihime's new attack. Orihime I have always felt is one of the most underused characters and has the potential to be one of the strongest characters out there (she can reject reality for chrissake). Yet Kubo has always made her weak and useless and her shield breaks constantly. Lately though, I have noticed that Kubo is beginning to make her stronger. The first hint of this was with Tsukishima and Sushigawara(yes I am still calling him Sushigawara :) ). She does not back down against either of them, even after seeing Book of The End. Then last chapter she gave that nice speech which really showed some growth. She is done with being the weak little girl and she has definitely matured. I really like where Kubo is taking her character now. Then to top it off this week, she has a new technique that combines her defensive and offensive powers. I think it is perfect for her. Kugo called it sadistic and I was shocked to see she was fine with being called this. She has become hardened to a point but the little smile she gave to Ichigo shows that she is still the same Orihime that many of us love. So I strongly praise Kubo for what he has done with Orihime now. She is well on her way to being very useful in any situation. *Applause*

So as always, comments are very welcomed, just keep them clean.

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