Thanks to Sactage, Bleach Wiki now has our own Countervandalism IRC channel. To access it, you can go to #cvn-wikia-bleach on the Freenode network. For anyone unfamiliar with IRC, it is pretty simple to access. You can either use a web based program or a client. To use web based, go to Freenode Webchat and enter your username and the channel you want to go on. If you want to use a client, you can try mIRC, Hydra or the Chatzilla add on to firefox.

What this channel does is report all edits made to Bleach wiki. The channel will report the time of the edit, the User who made the edit, what page was edited and the byte difference. It is much like looking at Recent Changes however it is a live feed, always reporting edits as they happen. If you go on the channel, you will see something like this [21:13] <+FurryRC> [[Special:Log/upload]] upload * Rukia359 * uploaded "[[File:Menos-grande-muslim.jpg]]"

So anyone who wants to come in, I will be idling there under my username with the cloak @wikia/Godisme. I am voiced in the channel and can explain anything else there. So I encourage you all to come in and help keep Bleach Wiki clean.