Sorry for the delay in getting this out, I was answering a few questions for wikia. Hopefully that will turn into something. As for the chapter, I have mixed feelings on it.

For starters, there was something about it that really gave me the creeps. Applause for Kubo for that. The chapter was just very creepy and slightly unnerving. More than ever, it is clear that Tsukishima can do so much more than just cut through anything. He has the entire town under his control.

I liked the return of Unagiya. She was some well needed comic relief at this point. The big problem I have with the chapter is like many of the chapters of this arc, little happened. It was clear that this chapter is a setup. It showcases what Tsukishima can do and sets up for where the rest of this arc is going. I think we are finally into the main plot of what this arc will be about. A few weeks ago, Salubri asked me for some help in naming this arc in the Fight Summary Project as he was having some trouble. I couldn't think of anything and I think the reason is because we do not know what this arc is really about. We have some basic points such as Fullbring, Ichigo regaining his powers and Tsukishima, but we have no idea what Tsukishima is up to, what his plans are or anything. Instead, we have these various plot threads that have yet to be sewn together. Now that Ichigo has his Fullbring, I think those will all come together now.

It will be interesting to see where this goes but until then we will have to wait patiently. So...

As always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

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