Alright people, this one is going to be another one with a skipped summary of events and just be my feelings on the chapter as I am on vacation and have been up since 4 in the morning and frankly I want to catch some z's.

I had high hopes for this chapter but sadly they were not met. Ichigo and Sado racing towards Orihime was nice but I really didn't feel too much tension coming from that situation. I did not get a great sense of urgency from there that you would expect. The racing lines in the background are all that really implied this. Ichigo and Sado did not even look that worried.

Orihime was defending Impossible to spell name 1(Sushigawara will now be a secondary refer to name for him). I liked the crack on his name but other than that, it was typical Orihime. Tsubaki has not come out since he was healed by Hachi. She has offensive powers, I fail to see why she will not give it a shot. I wanted her to attack impossible to spell name 2. It would have been a nice change for her but instead she just uses her shield again.

However, what really captured my attention here was Book of the End. It pierces its target but leaves no physical damage. It seems to have some ability based on perception or memory but I will not get into speculation. I rescind my earlier statement of it being lame for impossible to spell name 2 to have a sword. Since it has a very interesting effect and not just used for straight sword fighting, I accept it and like it. I always must give a round of applause to Kubo when he creates abilities. He has given some surprising abilities to people over the years that you would never think of but they always turn out great. A prime example of this is Kira. His sword makes things heavy, plain and simple. Who would think of this and yet it turned out to be a very strong ability. I think Book of the End will end up in this category of abilities you would never think of but are very good.

As for the rest of the chapter, it was all very meh. Nothing great, nothing terrible. I do believe I called Impossible to spell name 2 having once been a part of Xcution a few blogs ago.

I think I will leave this one here as my eyes are becoming very heavy. I would really like to see what others say on this chapter as I felt it could have been good but I just don't think it delivered.

As always comments are very much welcomed, just keep them clean.

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