Seems Jump decided to release early this week. Not a bad thing to wake up to on a Saturday. So lets get this show on the road

So there are 5 "War time potentials". We know Ichigo is one, Im assuming the others are Orihime, Uryu, Sado and probably Rukia, Ryuken or Isshin. I don't know, hard to think of who the fifth is.

All in all, this chapter was kind of meh. Nothing too exciting about it. As strong as Kirge is, it seems that Ichigo is far stronger than him, grabbing his weapon with his bare hands. Then Kirge releases the Quincy: Letzt Stil. This excites me for two reasons, 1. Because we get to see the Quincy Letzt Stil again and 2. They actually called it the Quincy Letzt Stil rather than Quincy Final Form. Though I have to say, Uryu's Letzt Stil looks soooooooooooooo much cooler than Kirge's. The one winged bringer of death is way better than the angelic form Kirge took.

Meanwhile, Nel, Pesche and Urahara have rescued Dondochakka and are bringing him back when Urahara notices something behind them and a foot lands in Soul Society. Im curious to see where this goes. My only real gripe with this arc so far is its timing. This is supposed to be a long arc, lasting several years, but everything seems to be getting underway already and unless this war last for several years time, I am not seeing how pretty much any of the stuff Kubo promised would be a part of this arc will be incorporated. I suppose we will have to wait to see.

So as always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean

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