Okay, this may be rife with bad grammar and/or auto correct disasters as I am trying out my new tablet in writing this.

So, as ridiculous as this chapter was, I kind of enjoyed it. Hikifune was correct when she said that Nimaiya was an unpredictable man. The guy is absolutely crazy. Though this chapter did not give me what I wanted. I am curious to know what it is about the Zanpakuto that he invented. Did he invent the whole concept? Did he just create the sword? Did he come up with Shikai and Bankai? That is what I want to know at this point and I fear we may not get it.

However, comic relief was done right in this chapter. Ichigo and Renji arguing for 12 pages is not good comic relief to me. Nimaiya making Ichigo and Renji do ridiculous things is. That and picking on Kon had me laighing quite a bit. What comes next should be interesting. Ichigo and Renji must fight to have their Zanpakutos reforged. Now my question is, where are Byakuya and Rukia? They were last seen in Kirinden but what happened to them then? Did Kubo forget about people again? Ah well.

As always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean. And when I say clean, I mean no bashing people for their opinions.

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