Happy Days are here again. A week and a half without Bleach is not a good time. But we have a new chapter to keep us all entertained this week. So let's begin.

Ichigo is trapped within Yukio's Fullbring. On the outside, Yukio's save completes, leaving him to confront Tsukishima. Tsukishima asks if Yukio should've locked him away but Yukio says he does not have enough batteries. Yukio says that a crowd is starting to gather and police will be there soon, exposing Tsukishima. Riruka then appears behind Tsukishima holding a gun to his back. Tsukishima calls it the love gun and Riruka says that he created it. Yukio says that they will be going and they are taking Ichigo with them.

At the hospital, Uryū is sitting in bed when Orihime comes in. Orihime asks if he wants her to heal his injuries and Uryū says that he was in a bad place when he refused before but he wants her to heal them now. Uryu then notes that Ichigo has come into contact with the person who attacked him and there is a change in Reiatsu. Orihime notices it too and Orihime then tells Uryu that whoever attacked him also attacked her.

Ichigo is released from Yukio's Fullbring and learns Xcution has a backup HQ. Yukio reveals that he is the wealthy member of the group and that it is his money that will be used to rebuild or build a new HQ. Kugo says that Tsukishima has retreated and that it is clear that hurting Xcution was not his goal and that it looks like his goal is Ichigo. Yukio is about to leave then when Kugo says that he needs him to help with Ichigo's training. Yukio says he is out of batteries but Kugo says to plug it in the wall and says that if Tsukishima tracks their Reiatsu, they will need Yukio's Fullbring since it hides Reiatsu completely. Ichigo asks who he will be fighting this time and Kugo says that it will be him.

Walking back, Orihime thinks over her conversation with Uryu. Orihime tells him that her attacker called his ability Fullbring and Uryu says that he too thought it was a Zanpakuto. As she walks, she runs into Sado who asks her to come with him as Ichigo will need her abilities.

I really liked this chapter. The plot has picked up. I can see where the story is going finally. Now, there were a few things I had noticed in this chapter. I think I have Yukio's ability figured out. At first I was thinking that he could just save something like a video game and reload it later. But, him saying that he had a gun gave me another idea. I think his ability is actually to utilize the abilities of a video game device in reality. So the game console, which can save a game and reload it, can then save and reload things in reality. The gun, which fires bullets in video games, can likely then fire real bullets. I am curious about Riruka's love gun though. I have no idea what it could do or why Tsukishima would be afraid of it. I also really like where Kubo is taking Yukio. In his first few appearances, I thought he was going to be some annoying little kid that acted very childish, like Gamemaster from Yu Yu Hakusho. However, he seems very mature and adult. He seems like an interesting character and a bit of a leader within Xcution. I really like where Kubo is going now. The first 15 or twenty chapters of this arc left me a bit unsatisfied, not really craving more at the end of the chapter. That has certainly changed now.

Anyway, as always, comments are always welcomed, just keep them clean.

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