Alright this is going to be a little short as 1. I have to work soon and 2. Not that great a chapter.

Okay, its gotten to the point where Kirge just needs to die now. He needs to stop with the million and one tricks and just die. He is nothing but annoying at this point. Everyone is handing him his butt on a platter but he keeps going, Nope, I have a trick up my sleeve to stop that. Now Ichigo is in Bankai and he'll probably pull out some kind of second stage to his Vollstandig. I don't think I have really despised a character like this in Bleach ever but I am really fed up with Kirge. And this new "Slavery" ability is just ridiculous. He can basically absorb a person and turn them into power for himself. I hope this fight ends soon.

In other news, the Vandenreich Leader has invaded Soul Society and shocked everyone by getting inside of Seireitei. I am hoping the action shifts to Soul Society more in the next weeks so that we don't have to see more of Mr. ridiculously overpowered but hey, who knows.

Anyway, as always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

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