Cross of Scaffold. I like it. We finally have a name for Kugo's fullbring. Problem is I cannot find the origin like all the other Fullbrings. Oh well. On to the chapter.

Yukio puts Ichigo and Kugo into his Fullbring and Ichigo realizes this is what happened earlier. Kugo explains that Yukio's Fullbring places people in subspace and Yukio can control them with his console. It seems his Fullbring is even more indepth than I had previously thought. Anyway, Kugo asks if Ichigo has ever wanted to be inside a videogame and tewlls him not to be embarrassed to answer. Ichigo responds with a double negative and Kugo says that he has never had the notion but this is as pretty as it gets inside a game. Kugo pulls out his sword and asks Yukio to give them 6 HP. Ichigo realizes how it works and Kugo asks if he needs a crash course. Yukio tells Ichigo when he loses he will make it say you are dead but Ichigo tells him to bite him. Ichigo activate his Fullbring and they charge at each other. Outside, Sado brings Orihime, much to Riruka's dismay. Riruka ask what she is doing there and if Ichigo is training. Riruka says that Ichigo will continue to get hurt as long as Orihime heals him and Orihime realizes that Riruka is worried about him too, making her blush. She says she understands but left her worries behind long ago. Riruka asks what she will do if Ichigo is hurt so badly he cannot be healed. Orihime responds that she will never allow that and will heal it all. Yukio then lets Orihime into the game as Riruka thinks about something. Elsewhere, Urahara questions Isshin if he is sure about something. Isshin repeats that he is and Urahara says that it is a matter of taking his sons future away from him. Isshin says he is sure and a mysterious man steps forth.

Very much liked this chapter. I am glad we finally have a name for Kugo's Fullbring and we have the details of Yukio's worked out. Invaders Must Die is much more complex than I thought. I know a few people were still wondering if Orihime still loved Ichigo. I think it is pretty clear now that she does. Now the main part of this I want to talk about is of course the end. The mystery man at the end. Leave it to Kubo to make us crave more at the end of each chapter. I scanned that figure up and down and I have absolutely no idea who it could be. It is probably someone new but I can't even guess as to what is going on. Really, Urahara says that Isshin was taking his sons future away. Now, this seems bad but my guess is that when they say future, they mean as a normal person. Isshin is most likely bargaining for Ichigo to get his powers back in some way. I am very excited to see where this is going as for once I am clueless.

As always, comments are very welcomed, just keep them clean.

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