Happy Leap February 29th everyone. Wartime Explanation, kind of an odd name for a chapter but it works. Just another hint that these men are Quincy considering that Quincy have always had German names. So anyway, kind of a short chapter again.

Not bad, not particularly good though. I forgot how much I loved Yama. There is no need for a security force because he is more than enough. Its sometimes easy to forget just how powerful Yama is when he has the exterior of an old man and is missing an arm. Despite all of that though he is the most powerful person alive (or dead technically). I would have wanted to see him go shikai and burn all of these guys to Hell but whatever.

Meanwhile with Ichigo and Ivan, Ivan tries to goad Ichigo into using Bankai. Ivan has some sort of sealing technique where he can seal Ichigo's bankai away. Its a shame it didn't work. I would have enjoyed some time of Ichigo not being able to instantly go bankai and getsuga spam until he wins. Would have been nice to see him use his Shikai for a little but I guess we will be getting more Bankai getsuga spam. Im curious as to what exactly that technique Ivan used was. It seems his weapon fires blasts of energy or something, kind of similar to a Quincy bow but different. It seems Ichigo is still not decided on Ivsn's race. Next we'll find that Ivan is not a Quincy but a new race, then we'll find out he is another race, then another. Seriously Kubo, just come out and say what he is already.

Back at Yama's office, these guys have nearly killed Chojiro. Then the guys say that in 5 days, Soul Society will be destroyed by the Vandenreich. Here is my problem with that, VANDEN IS NOT A GERMAN WORD. Its killing me. I can't find the word anywhere. It looks german but its not in my german vocabulary and its not in my favorite translator site. This will bug me for a while. I guess we'll have to wait for Adam to come up with a translation based on the kanji.

Anyway, as always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

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