The chapter is out nice and early this time. Yes! Good thing I decided not to go to my 3 o'clock class today. Bleach is so much better than Detective Fiction.

So we open with Ichigo wanting to get out of the Doll House. Riruka is about to do it when Giriko says that since Pork is not back to normal yet, that may not be Ichigo's real fullbring. Pork quickly returns to normal then and Riruka lets the two out by sneezing on them while Giriko comments that she seems happy about it. Ichigo gets angry that he was sneezed on and Kugo offers him a towel to which Ichigo sarcastically comments that he would rather soak it in. His fullbring deactivates and he begins to hear a voice coming from it. Holding it to his ear, he recognizes the voice as Rukia. Then we see Kugo's mysterious stare. The scene flashes back to Shishigawara (who shall henceforth be known as impossible to spell name 1). He is given a photo of Orihime and told to kill her. The man questions if he is willing to kill a girl and impossible to spell name 1 replies that he can. The scene moves to him attacking Orihime but when she turns around he falls to the ground, struck by her beauty. Impossible to spell name 1 tries to say that it has just been a long time since he has seen a woman and Orihime can't really be that gorgeous but every time he tries to get up to kill her, he can't. As he tells her he is going to beat her down, he picks up on how naive she is. When he says that he is the one who attacked Ishida, she becomes serious but suddenly Tsukishima (henceforth known as impossible to spell name 2) shows up. Impossible to spell name 2 reveals he is the one who attacked Ishida.

So this chapter was an improvement over last weeks but still not great. I was really hoping for something more out of this chapter but I guess we will never get a reason why Ichigo can use fullbring. Riruka's sneezing was... disgusting. Seriously? She sneezes and thats how she returns things to normal. It is almost like Kubo is trying to make me stop defending her abilities. Kugo once again went into deadpan mode and I loved it. I will be tacking him onto my list of favorite characters for sure. The Rukia part had me puzzled, "Ichigo would never do that." Who was she talking to, what was she talking about and how is Ichigo able to hear her? I would normally just say Kubo will reveal it soon enough but he has been failing me lately. Now onto the next part. Impossible to spell name 1 attacking Orihime. At first I thought she used Tsubaki on him but I laughed when he commented that he was struck down by her beauty. It was actually a very well done scene that kept me laughing. Then impossible to spell name 2 shows up and says he attacked Ishida. Obviously he is a fullbring user but I am excited to see just who he is. Hoepfully Kubo gives us a big shock to make up for the failure with Ichigo's fullbring. I am excited for next week though.

So as always, comments are very much welcomed, just keep them clean.

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