Well so much for my idea of seeing a bunch of Bankais. They are pretty much all gone now or at least all the ones we have already seen are gone. There really wasn't much to this chapter. The one good thing about this chapter was the captains speaking to their lieutenants, really showing off how much they depend on each other. I thought it was a cool moment.

We've also learned that the Vandenreich are not sealing Bankai, they are outright stealing them. The question then is if they are stealing them, are they able to use the Bankai for themselves? I have wondered this since we first were introduced to this concept. Theoretically, if something can be stolen, it can be used by the one who stole it. However I am not sure how this would work for a Bankai.

Overall I am not that impressed by this chapter. Much of it could have been accomplished in fewer pages and aside from the fact that we now know its not a seal, the chapter did not do much in terms of introducing something new or really even raising the stakes. We have known that you can't use Bankai against the Vandenreich. Not really something new.

That all I have for this week so as always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

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