It is as though Mangastream was feeling guilty for two weeks ago when it took forever to get Bleach. We have it about as early as it has ever been out this week. That makes me happy and when I am happy, I write better blog posts for your entertainment.

First we have a color page with Riruka. I had a feeling she had red hair. Just felt very natural for her. Though I do have an answer for her question. She asks, "You just can't help but love me can you?" My answer is yes, I can and I find you annoying. Ah, forgive me, I have been trying to stop bashing Riruka but this was too easy a shot.

Anyway, Mr. Pork is complaining that he was kidnapped and then asks to be paid for his time and then he will forget about the ordeal. He rants a bit and Ichigo feels quite uncomfortable. Riruka does something with her pass (not sure if she was taking it away or giving pork a new one, I am confused). Riruka then goes up to Pork and he becomes very scared. She says she will not pay him and gives him a cell phone so she can all him for his assistance at any time, he just needs to answer and be back within fifteen minutes. Ichigo then notes that Pork looks almost identical to his stuffed animal form. Riruka tells Ichigo he can leave and calls him disgusting. Ichigo fires back, calling her a b****. Kugo then chimes in and says that Ichigo can leave and that his body is strained. He tells Ichigo he survived for over a year without his powers so he can wait for a few more days. The scene switches to Orihime and the two impossible to spell names. Impossible to spell name 1 tells Impossible to spell name 2 that he need not get his hands dirty. No. 1 says once more that he will kill Orihime and that he is 2's servant. 1 questions why 2 is there and 2 says he wants to be. 1 pulls his bookmark out of his book and turns it into a sword. He asks one to take the blame. Orihime questions if the sword is a zanpakuto but he says that it is a fullbring. The scene switches once more to Sado and Ichigo. Sado says that Orihime keeps bringing him bread and that it is too much. He says he will give some to Ichigo and goes to get it when a look comes over his face. He the tells Ichigo that Orihime's reiatsu feels weird.

Not a great chapter but not bad. The beginning felt slow to me. Usually I enjoy Kubo's humor but the whole scene with Pork left me feeling like that scene was just thrown in there. It was not very funny and Riruka calling Ichigo disgusting felt out of character for her considering she is supposed to think Ichigo is so hot. Kugo's part was alright I guess. Nothing that exciting there other than knowing Ichigo is going to get his powers back soon. I was disappointed to see there was nothing with Rukia in this chapter. That was the huge shock of last chapter, he heard Rukia and this chapter there was nothing about it and it was as if it had never happened. Ichigo did not even say something to Sado on their walk home. You would think something as big as that would get mentioned.

The scene with the impossible to spell names and Orihime was alright. I like that Orihime was willing to defend no. 1. She is finally standing up for herself which I like because I have always been a fan of hers unlike most people. She reminds me a lot of a friend of mine so I have always liked seeing her. No. 1 is alright, nothing exciting about him but I have a big problem with no.2. Kubo has failed me here. His fullbring takes a mundane object and transforms it into a sword. Hmmm who do we know who can do that? Could it be the only character I have truly liked who has been introduced thus far in the arc. Yes, Kugo Ginjo can take a mundane object and turn it into a sword. I have enjoyed the Fullbrings so far and liked the variety and uniqueness of them but it looks as though Kubo has already run out of ideas and is recycling them. My only hope now is that there is a connection between 2 and Kugo to explain their similarities.

So as always, comments are very welcomed, just keep them clean.

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