Dear fellow Bleach wikians. As many of you have seen, Wikia has been launching new features like crazy lately. Most of them are just mild annoyances and don't affect much but today, they have, in my opinion, gone too far. As you all know, our talk pages are how we communicate on this wiki. It is simple, you leave a message on someone's talk page, they respond. Wikia does not think this is an effective form of communication and wants to dumb the process down. With the newest staff blog, Wikia will soon be replacing our talk pages with facebook walls. Yes, that is right, a facebook wall. They call this Message Walls. You will even have the facebook notifications box now.

This destroys communication in my opinion. We are a content focused site, not a social networking site. Facebook is a terrible means by which to coordinate a wiki. We need to take a stand. I encourage all of you to go to that blog and leave a comment detailing how this will just not work. We need to take a stance and show wikia that there are wikis out there that still care for their content and care little for being a place to socialize with friends. I am fed up with the bad features. We don't use article comments here, why would we want to use the same thing for talk pages?

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