I was half expecting this chapter to be called Rescuer in the Deep Deep Dark but Hear.Fear.Here is a much better title. Good job Kubo.

This was another of those chapters where pretty much nothing happened. Ichigo is still trying to break out of Kirge's jail, which, if Kirge was actually dead, then you would think that thing would dissipate by now. Part of the reason I think Kirge might still be alive. Who knows, maybe Kirge will pull a Kirge and do something ridiculous to survive like grow a new half from each of his halves to become two super overpowered characters that just need to die.

The other half of the chapter, which instead of revealing who it was that attacked Urahara (which I'm now pretty sure was Grimmjow), took us back to the battle between As Nodt and Byakuya. And yes, while the whole fear arrows thing was kind of cool, fear based illusion abilities are so overdone in manga. Reading that chapter made me feel I was reading Naruto, and I find Naruto to be a very boring series so you can imagine how I felt about this chapter.

Here's to hoping for something better next time.

As always comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

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