Well after 3 weeks we finally get a new chapter but lo and behold there is another three week break coming up now. This probably means that the Lost Substitute Arc is over now and that the new, much longer arc will be coming after the break. Anyway, on to the chapter.

Not a bad chapter, highly reflective like most arc ends but not bad. The scene of Ichigo just walking into Seireitei unannounced, saying hi to Renji made me laugh a bit. Everyone seems to be fine and well now and thankful that Ichigo killed Kugo.

The biggest part of this chapter though is HOLY FRICKIN GOD KENSEI IS ALIVE! Finally, after years of having now idea what happened to him, we can say that he is alive. No idea what happened to him for all those years but finally. Shinji and Rose are also captains again now but that leaves me with some questions. Where is Love? He was the only captain level Visored to not get his position back so where is he? What about Hiyori and the other long lost visored Mashiro? Where is Lisa and Hacchi? So basically, where the hell is everyone else and who is alive? Kubo always seems to have a problem with just telling who is alive and who is dead.

Ichigo wanting to bury Kugo is actually very nice and in character. Like him or not, Kugo did change Ichigo. Wanting to give him a proper burial shows that Ichigo did respect him and tried to save him. The other thing here is Riruka committing apparent suicide. She leaps into the air and disappears. Some will take this to mean that she simply used her Fullbring to head off somewhere, traveling by sky but I think it is pretty clear that she is trying to kill herself. Though she will probably end up getting saved.

Anyway, as always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

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