Well this is a good week. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I am definitely thankful for a double dose of bleach this week. But first I am being forced to tell you that you all can vote for this months Featured Article, Featured Picture and Featured Quote(note: I am not actually being forced, I figured I would just say that for some fun). So vote for what you think deserves to be featured, just follow the Bleach Wiki:Voting. Now onto the chapters

So first, The Known. Nothing great but not bad. We finally get a name for the mysterious man, Kugo Ginjo.[sic?] I am not sure on the spelling yet. Anyway, he tells Ichigo that he doesn't know anything about his own family and asks if he is curious. Then Unagiya steps in and breaks up the conversation. Is it just me or does it seem like Unagiya knew something? Kugo goes outside and we see he is the leader of a small group. The girl has a bit of a Hiyori attitude to her. The guy is much calmer and states that they chose to follow Kugo. Ichigo is told to go to the Urahara shop and finds Karin there. Meanwhile Karin had been buying a bunch of Urahara's goofy products. Kugo warns Ichigo to not trust Urahara and reveals his name at last.

A decent chapter but not too exciting. It sets things up but nothing that big to look forward to next week. Once again, Urahara is seen as mysterious and we are not to trust him. I don't know, I think once again Urahara will be the good guy and Kugo will have something hidden. Unagiya interests me now. That look she had made it seem like she knew what was going on. It will be interesting to see what is going on there.

Now for the Hell Arc Special:The Unforgivens. Wow. Aaroniero and Szayel in Hell. Szayel wanted Aaroniero's glass to crack so he could study the fluid inside. Aaroniero wants to kill Szayel and is about to release when this guy Shuren shows up. Szayel questions where they are only to be told they are in hell. Shuren says there is no way out and Szayel attacks him. Shuren summons three warriors as Aaroniero tries to swallow them with Glotoneria. Szayel prepares a Gran Rey Cero saying Shuren is not important. After the Espada are defeated, Shuren says that they were not capable of opening the door and reveals a lantern with Ichigo's Hollow form in it saying he is the only one.

That was awesome and gets me excited for Hell Chapter. I think it will actually be good unlike the rest of the movies. It definitely has potential. Next week we will also get a tie in in the anime which should also be good. I can't wait.

Well now I must be getting back to my family. Remember to keep all messages clean and vote for the featured content, I have not made up my mind yet who I will be voting for so I can't tell you all who to vote for. I can't do that nay way because I've gotten in trouble before for trying to influence the vote(I'm innocent, I didn't mean to). Well Have fun everyone and know I am thankful for all my readers and commentors.

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