So as many of you know, I am not a huge Gin Ichimaru fan. He isn't really developed enough for me to like him. That aside I have been thinking a lot about his bankai. To me, it seems Kubo just ran out of ideas and so he made up a limit on the reach of the shikai and made the bankai longer and then when he realized how terrible a bankai that was he decided to say it was really fast. This is terrible. Gin has the worst bankai for sure. After seeing it all those weeks ago, it got me thinking as to what would be a proper bankai for him. I have come up with a few things.

0) I know everyone was thinking that his sword would become many different blades because of that cover but it does not make sense with his shikai, the bankai should be a logical next step to the shikai. That being said here is what I have come up with

1) Gin's shikai grants him control over one physical aspect of his sword, the length. To me, the logical next step would be to allow for control over one or more of the other physical properties of his sword. The first and most insane but powerful of my ideas would be to allow for control of all the physical properties of his sword. This would allow him to reshape his sword at any given time for the situation at hand. I realize this is a bit ridiculous but I does make a little bit of sense and was the basis of the rest of my ideas.

2) Lowering the scale of my thinking a bit, I thought it might be logical for Gin's bankai to not only give him control over the length of his sword but the width as well. Think about it, this does not seem all that helpful but it would allow for his sword to be used both offensively and defensively as he could change the width of his sword to make a shield for himself. There are many other things this could allow for as well.

3)My third and final idea was probably the simplest of all my ideas. From what I have seen, Gin's sword shoots straight out and at times there appears to be a little bit of curvature to the blade. Why not expand this curve? Give his sword the ability to curve and follow his opponents because right now it seems you could simply dodge his sword by stepping a few inches to the side. Even if Gin were to the swing to the side, you can then just duck. By allowing the blade to curve, opponents would actually have to run from his sword.

I think these are better fits for his bankai then what he has now any thoughts?

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