So the anime will be ending after all, which means, of course, I no longer have to try to race Lemurs on blogs when she is late :p Anyway, I think this was the first really good chapter of this arc, mainly because we really got things moving.

Whoever this mysterious leader of the Vandenreich is, he is not a nice guy. At this point, it looks like Kubo is really into killing people. Three named characters in one chapter and then 106 unnamed characters. That is just, wow. Im surprised Chojiro died though, I always thought Kubo had a plan for him considering we only ever got small glimpses of him. I at least wanted to see what his Shikai's ability was. Maybe Kubo will reveal that in a databook.

Then we have the reappearance of Nel. Yes fanboys and fangirls, Nel is alive and fine, though she seems worried. It appears that the Vandenreich have taken over Hueco Mundo and captured Harribel. Im actually surprised Harribel came back because she was so unpopular with fans. I don't know why, but fans seem to believe she was one of the weakest Espada. I guess Kubo really isn't giving in to fans any longer. Anyway, it was nice seeing her again, even if she was chained up, looking close to death - again.

Now Kubo really needs to make up his mind. Ivan first appears and he is the spitting image of an Arrancar, then he says he is not an Arrancar and displays the abilities of a Quincy, now he is an Arrancar again? Make up your mind already. Next we'll learn that Ivan was also a Shinigami and a Human with Fullbring. Ludgers was a pretty much wasted character as well considering we see him for all of 5 frames or something before he dies. Oh well.

As always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

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