Kubo has done amazing again. We are on a streak of what, 5 or 6 great chapters now? This is a great one. To start, we find Aizen is alive and well, just sealed to a stretcher like thing. This makes me happy. He is alive, conscious and seems to be regressing back to the old arrogant Aizen! This only goes to reinforce my theory that his part in the story is not done yet but we will see. But he only gets 20,000 years? Come on, it even said he was immortal so wouldn't a sentence like, I don't know, eternity be more reasonable? The man basically caused every bad thing to happen to soul society in the past 100 years and he only gets 20,000 years. What are they going to do, just release him when that is over? Oh well, I am ranting.

Then we have probably my favorite scene in a long time. Kenpachi, Byakuya and Kyoraku being scolded by Yamamoto for losing their haori's. We not only find that Yama is alive but our little theory of him only sacrificing an arm is true. What I really love about this scene though is when the three say their feelings on the haoris. Their answers show off their personalities perfectly. Kenpachi finds it a pain in the ass as it does not help him in battle. Byakuya finds it cheap as he is a noble who can afford much better and Kyoraku finds it stylish because... he is Kyoraku. We can now confirm that Ukitake is alive as well. I loved Ukitake's statement on Yama as well. Soul Society is not able to find a being capable of replacing him yet.

Then we have Mayuri who went to Hueco Mundo to do research. Seeing as Kubo has said the bodies in Szayel's lab are very important, I think this is what he is going to be researching. I still have no idea who they are. Momo is confirmed to be alive but needs organ regeneration.

Toshiro is training to be stronger and what not. I don't really care, I have never been a Hitsugaya fan and probably never will be. He is just so... useless in my eyes. Unfortunately for 90% of this wiki that worships Gin, he is confirmed to be dead. I will say I did not like him until we learned his motives but I find him to be a bit of a tragic hero now and I like him. I am sad to see that he is truly dead when it was only so recently that i began to like him. Oh well.

Then we have Ichigo's side of things. He is now officially no longer a shinigami. That last scene though of him saying goodbye to Rukia as she fades away really touched me. It reminded me I have a heart even though I use it so little.

So yeah, great chapter

As always, comments are appreciated but keep them clean, no insults, NO CRACK THEORIES.

Also, on a side note, Why does Lia always get hundreds of comments when I get like 20? Seriously, what am I doing wrong here? Am I too logical because I know Lia is the self proclaimed queen of randomness haha.

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