So I decided to skip class today because I hadn't read for it. I think it was a wise decision. Anyway, on to the chapter.

Having received power from Ichigo, all the Fullbringers get a big power boost and Giriko goes absolutely nuts. Seriously, the guy lost his sanity with that power boost. He was calm and cool before but now he is just a raving lunatic. Tsukishima asks Kugo to give Sushigawara some power but Ginjo says giving Sushigawara power would endanger their plans and tells Tsukishima to kill him once they are done. Giriko goes nuts again and taunts Ichigo before Ichigo tries to finish them with one swoop. Now, as soon as I saw that, I was prepared to come here and rage about how overpowered Ichigo is now and how the Fullbringers were just made into pushovers. Then Yukio reveals that he can create copies now and I was relieved. But of course then Ikkaku stabs Yukio in the back and I may have just laughed a little (or a lot). But anyway, Hitsugaya joins in on the Yukio killing fun before Sushigawara shows up to take on Ikkaku. Everyone splits up into their rooms, taking on their double, per usual. Kenpachi, the raving mad man Shinigami against Giriko, the raving mad man Human. Byakuya, the calm, collected Captain against Tsukishima, the calm collected Human. Hitsugata, the kid Shinigami against Yukio, the kid Human. etc. Kubo loves his double pairing. Giriko then goes nuts again, turns into a hulking beast and Kenpachi vertically bifurcates him which will be censored when the anime gets there.

All in all a pretty good chapter. Yukio is turning into a nice troll, being killed and then revealing its just a copy. I am appalled at what Kubo did to Giriko though, Giriko was cool, then he just completely lost it. For all those who said Riruka will not fight, looks like you are wrong as you can see her bunny ear approaching Rukia. I think Riruka is going to be thoroughly destroyed by Rukia in the next few chapters but we will see. I hate how Kubo always pairs every fighter up against their duplicate. He did that with the Espada too. Show some fights with people who have two very different views. While it was funny to see Kenpachi destroy Giriko in one blow, I wanted to see what he could do, both of them actually. Its been 17 months since we saw Kenpachi fight, I wanted to see if he picked up any new tricks. Hopefully we will get to see more from the other fights. I am betting the ones to watch will be Rukia vs. Riruka, Ikkaku vs. Sushigawara and of course Ichigo vs. Kugo.

As always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean

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