Apologies if there are any grave misspellings in here. I am not on my own laptop and this keyboard is horrendous.

Anyway, I am really liking what Kubo is doing here. For a while, I feared we would be getting a very short in story explanation of Isshin's past. Now it seems like we will be getting at least another 2-3 chapters on it. So first off, Isshin is hilarious as always. Even when being serious, he is using jokes.

And here is where this little sub arc shines for me, we finally know why Isshin and Ryuken know each other. It wasn't something that necessarily needed to be covered, but the fact that it was is much better. So now we know that Ryuken was to marry Masaki. Ryuken knows Isshin because he is the man that married the woman he was supposed to. It seems the Ishidas are of pure Quincy blood too. Though I get a feeling that the maid may end up being Uryu's mother, we'll see.

So then we move on to the arrival of the Hollow that defeats Isshin and it turns out to be none other than... Hollow Ichigo? So I guess there is more to Ichigo's Hollow powers than we had thought. I was always fine with the explanation provided early on but okay. I'm going to venture a guess and say that Masaki takes a hit from the Hollow and a piece of him stays behind with her and transfers into Ichigo when he is born, thus giving him Fullbring and the basis of his Hollow powers. Should be interesting though. I am really liking how this is unfolding. Kubo has always been very good with history and keeping things interesting.

Now the big question I have left is did Isshin use the FGT? Its been hinted at many times but never stated. Could Hollow Ichigo be so powerful that Isshin is forced to use the FGT or is there a different reason for his power loss? I guess we'll just have to see.

Anyway, as always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

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