And in a move that absolutely everyone saw coming, Isshin is the former 10th division captain and is a Shiba, so I will at this point stop even pretending that he is not the uncle Kukaku was talking about. But what was interesting was to see that Rangiku was his lieutenant and that Hitsugaya was the 3rd seat. I was not expecting that. Something was odd to me about Isshin in this chapter though, he didn't feel like Isshin personality wise. Maybe its just that he changed after 20 years, but Isshin is always a very happy go lucky kind of guy but can be very serious at times. I didn't really see that in him here. He seemed more like a kind of lazy pervert. He wasn't as eccentric as he usually is. Hopefully the next couple chapters will have more.

But yay, Aizen was in the chapter. So it looks like the Hollow that took Isshin out was one of Aizen's doing. Please Kubo, please don't make Isshin be hiding a secret Hollowfication that he gained from this Hollow. Like I said, Im hoping the next few chapters all contain more history, maybe not a full TBPT arc, but enough so we know exactly what happened.

Anyways, as always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

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