I need to keep this short as I have to go but this is exactly the chapter we needed at this point. Ikumi was a great character from last arc so I was happy to see her back. Isshin walking in in Shinigami form with her thinking no one was there was a great gag. Everything finally slowed down and we are finally going to get the history that everyone has been begging for for about 400 chapters at this point. We will finally know what is going on with Isshin.

And in a move that absolutely everyone saw coming, Isshin was a former captain and Masaki was a quincy. Alright, expected. But interesting to note is that Masaki's last name is Kurosaki and Isshin took her name. Which, lets face it at this point, is because Isshin's last name is Shiba. Im not even going to pretend that that is not basically confirmed at this point. My one complaint with this chapter is that it took too long to get rolling, I would have wanted to see more out of Isshin's flashback but I suppose we will be getting that in weeks to come if Kubo doesn't pull what he did with Kugo.

Anyway, as always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

Sidenote, please read: Okay, it looks like something needs to be cleared up. Ichigo is not a Quincy/Shinigami Hybrid. He is a Human who is part Quincy. Ichigo is 17 years old. Isshin lot his powers 20 years ago and had been residing in a gigai ever since. Isshin was for all intents and purposes, Human at that point. Ichigo did not inherit any Shinigami powers from his father as his father was not a Shinigami at the time of his conception.

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