I probably should not be writing this right now as I have other stuff I need to write but I figured I would show up Lemursrule and get my manga blog out before she even got her anime blog out. So here goes.

Excellent chapter here. Seeing everyone reunite was definitely good to see. So we now know that Tsukishima is alive but is going to die in a few minutes. Therefore it is acceptable to say that he is dead. Byakuya is out of the chat room and went and got Rukia. Now that is what interested me. Rukia is fine physically but something is wrong with her. She appears to be in a coma of some sort due to what Riruka did to her. My guess is that she is trapped within her own head but we shall see. I am thinking that whatever Riruka did, she is not gone. Likely she will be coming back in some way before the end of this arc.

Seeing Yukio trapped in ice, being carried by Hitsugaya was hilarious. The kid is a whiny brat, complaining about his legs being cold. We also got a little more of Kugo's and Xcution's history here. They all gave some of their power to Kugo and he gave some of his power to them. Each has a sort of contract with Kugo which cannot be broken. Yukio's is that he cannot deactivate his ability while Kugo is in it unless Kugo says to. Pretty interesting here. It would be cool to see what the condition is for all the others as well but I doubt we will get that.

Back to the Kugo and Ichigo fight, we get the recurring theme of why is Ichigo fighting. With Tsukishima dead, his friends will go back to being normal and it will be like nothing happened to them. However, I think Kubo overlooked something here. Ichigo does have a reason to fight. Kugo betrayed him, stole his power and tried to kill him. Ichigo has every reason to fight and every reason to kill Kugo.

Oh well, next chapter we are likely to get some of Kugo's actual history and why he betrayed Soul Society. Im looking forward to that.

So as always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

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