To start, I'd like to tell you all to get on chat. Chat is one of the latest features that wikia has rolled out and though I usually complain about everything wikia does and how they are ruining our content, I quite like this one. With chat we can move a lot of the who is your favorite stuff over there where you can get a live feed of people talking and answering. So again, that is chat. Now get on it before I figure out code to make people join.

On the other hand, we are also trying the new editor look, which I feel is bad is ruining our content but enough of that, you came here for my ramblings on the latest chapter, something you could have gotten if you went to chat.

So, another great chapter. Cnet's translation of 454 finally came out the other day and so I was happy to see there was nothing saying that the end was close or anything like mangastream's release. I have to say, now that Ichigo's training is done, I am really enjoying this arc. It is very refreshing focusing on the Human World and not Soul Society. I know I said this all at the beginning of the arc and then things kind of trailed off but I think Tsukishima has taken up Aizen's throne of bad guy quite well. Though he could never be as amazingly awesome as Aizen was, Tsukishima gets the job done. But alas, we must add a tally on to the ever increasing count of arms lost during the course of Bleach. Tsukishima is without an arm now and if this was real life, Tsukishima would be dead from blood loss already. Anyway, I think its pretty obvious why Orihime is there, one new arm coming up.

We get to see Ichigo's completed Fullbring in action now and it seems his special ability is to turn into spiderman. I may have broken out laughing when I saw him hanging on the wall like that. His power and speed seem to have increased though. This brings me back to Tsukishima then, his Fullbring is getting interesting as well. Kugo said in this chapter that Tsukishima inserts himself into their past but they will not attack Ichigo as he is still there too but it seems that this may not be true as Sado attacked Ichigo. Interesting

Anyway, I must be off. As always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

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