Not sure who's fault it is, Kubo's or the translators but this chapter is missing a the in the title. Oh well, whatever. As always lately I am telling you to all get on chat. Its fun and you now get to see me making fun of Monchoman45 who will be sitting in the chat so that we can archive all of our messages. So if you see him in chat, write the word dinglehopper over and over. Don't ask why, just do it.

On to the chapter now. Nothing all that special. Ichigo can use the Getsuga Tensho, surprise surprise (not really). He used it and Im just kind of glancing over it not giving it much thought because he spams the attack so much and then I realized he was using it in Fullbring.

Now, I will probably get a lot of grief for this from everyone but I like Sushigawara's Fullbring. Most people do not like the non combat focused abilities in Bleach but I do. I have always thought the best Zanpakuto were the ones that did not seem to be obvious fighting tools. Kira's Zanpakuto makes things heavy. Doesn't seem all that combat oriented but we all know what it can do. Sushigawara is able to manipulate probability. The things he could do with this are limitless in my mind.

Now, there really wasn't much to this chapter so I will instead talk about something else that has been on my mind. It has become abundantly clear to me that the majority of Bleach fans hate this arc. I find myself enjoying it quite a bit for numerous reasons. Most people believe Bleach is the story of Shinigami and Soul Society and yet Kubo has said time and time again that Bleach is the story of Ichigo. Bleach is Ichigo's life and experiences. Currently, Shinigami are not a part of his life and I am fine with this.

This is my problem with the majority of the fan base. I am happy just to be able to read Bleach. Even in the worst of times it is still an entertaining story. Just because Shinigami are not a part of this arc does not mean that it is not good. Yes, the story is going in a different way currently than most would like but Fullbring is an interesting ability. Tsukishima is an interesting villain. No, his motives have not been revealed but Kubo hinted at that he would reveal them. I am putting my faith in Kubo on this one. The arc seems to be ending quite soon so I ask you all to keep an open mind till the end.

Well, that all I have to rant about this week. As always, comments are very welcome just keep them clean.

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