Bravo! Bravo Kubo! An excellent chapter. So wish Kugo wasn't the bad guy though. I was hoping he would continue on in the series. I wanted to see him go up against some Shinigami. Anyway on to the chapter.

It started kind of slow but those last few pages more than made up for it. Kugo the villain. I know many of us thought he might be so but no thought in this way. It was brilliantly done by Kubo. One stab by Tsukishima puts them under his ability, two removes it. So Kugo is the villain now and he attacked Uryu.

Of course, this does not come without a few holes now. If you go back to Chapter 429, you can see it is clearly Tsukishima who attacks Uryu. So obviously this was Kubo writing on the fly again but I don't care, its brilliant. Then we have Kugo's skull fullbring sword. I am thinking now that there is more to his badge than we previously thought.

So I am thinking that it was Kugo who killed their former substitute as well then. So many thoughts racing through my head right now and everything that comes of this but unfortunately I am short on time. I will have to leave you there.

As always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

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