This will be rather short as 5 pages of Unohana slowly falling to the ground as she dies is not exactly much to write about. So Unohana is actually dead now and so once again the Gotei 13 is down another captain. I don't know why Kubo wanted to kill her so badly but this whole fight has been nothing but a disappointment. You can tell Kubo didn't really care about Unohana when he named her Bankai the same thing as her Shikai and gave us about 3 frames of what it could do with no explanation before killing her. But that is over now and Kenpachi has finally learned the name of his Zanpakuto, something I figured he would get rather soon. At least Kiganjo finally appeared in a chapter. Oh well.

As for Ichigo and Renji.... I'm still not interested in what is going on there. Its just more of Ichigo being told he can't do it and then he'll find some new power and save the day and bla bla bla. It gets kind of old after a while. I wish for once that Ichigo could find his new power without having to be beaten badly first, mix things up a little. But that will never happen.

As always, comments are always welcome, just keep them clean.

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