I didn't get a single message about my lack of a blog last week. This can only mean one thing... you people don't like me anymore! But seriously, there is a reason why I did not do a blog last week as you will see below in my thoughts on the chapter.

Kill The Shadow 2

The Vandenreich continued to dominate the Gotei 13.

Good, now that we got that out of the way, we can move on to the superior chapter

The Black Rescuer

Any chapter with lots of Urahara is good. Though the beginning made no sense. Ichigo is in Hueco Mundo but they detect that his badge is in the human world, underground at the Urahara shop and so they think, "Oh hey, Urahara must be with it". So they call him up over the now radio that is the badge and we find the badge is in Hueco Mundo along with Urahara. So either Akon has some bad equipment or Kubo lost track of what he was saying.

Anyway, I always love Urahara's calm, joking manner in the face of a serious situation. Even with a tough battle going on in front of him and being told the dire situation in Soul Society, he is still a happy guy. Though the way in which he can turn right back to serious in a moment is great as well. It seems Ichigo is making a bit of a fool of Kirge though. Also, it seems Kirge really likes saying blut. blut blut blut blut blut. Three times in one sentence is a bit excessive. His repeated attempts to steal Ichigo's bankai are making me wonder more and more why his bankai can't be stolen. And I'm really hoping the explanation is not main protagonist power.

Now, with Ichigo headed to Soul Society, it looks like Urahara will be finishing up Kirge. Meaning the Ichigo vs. Kirge fight is finally over(and I can actually write the fight summary for it). While I had hopes of seeing Urahara's bankai, with those medallions in play, its not likely we will see any bankais for a long time. Oh well.

As always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

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