So this is a double blog post. I was too busy last week to do one and since enough people kept bugging me about it, Ill make this a double to compensate for it. So here goes

Bond Behind Blast

Part of the reason I did not write on this chapter initially is because there is not much to say about it. Kind of cool seeing the Tres Bestia taking out all the little guys in the area. With how much Yamamoto owned them, you tend to forget that they were actually quite strong. They went up against Rangiku, a pretty powerful Lieutenant who's zanpakuto makes taking on multiple people not too difficult and they held their own for a while.

In Soul Society, we have Akon giving us his report with Mayuri finally confirming what we all already knew since before the start of the arc. The Vandenreich are Quincy. Only Komamura seemed shocked when Mayuri said this so I'm wondering why no other captain is thinking to themselves, "Hey, how could they be quincy? We killed them all ages ago!" but hey, we'll see what happened there.

Is it me, or is Yamamoto more badass in this arc than ever before. Rather than guarding Soul Society and letting them invade, Yamamoto plans to hit them first and destroy them before they have a chance to do anything. It seems Chojiro's death affected him quite a bit. So nice to see that from him. Then finally, we have Kirge in Hueco Mundo who seems to have defeated the Tres Bestia without a scratch on him. This dude is tough, he is likely Lieutenant level or above, maybe closer in power to one of the weaker captains like Mayuri. Should be interesting to see what else this guy can do.

March of the StarCross

Kira is back and with a new look. Not very different than his old look but his hair is shorter. Looks like Nanao and Rangiku are also wearing her hair a little different as well. Now here is where things get a little strange. With the disappearances, sandals tracks were found alongside the barefoot tracks, since no one in the later districts wears sandals, this means Shinigami were there. If there were Shinigami there, its conspiracy time.

In Hueco Mundo, Kirge demonstrates his knowledge of Ichigo and also his speed. Ichigo is skilled enough to tell that Kirge is using Hirenkyaku, which come on Ichigo, the guy has a Quincy cross and you have to think what his movement technique is?

Now comes another twist. While the Gotei 13 is planning to invade Vandenreich headquarters, the Vandenreich is planning on attacking Soul Society. So basically either they are going to meet up as they leave or they are going to trash each others homes. Now apparently this whole thing is Yamamoto's fault because he failed to kill somebody 1000 years ago, that somebody is alluded to be the Vandenreich leader, meaning that this guy is ridiculously old if that is indeed who it is. So Yamamoto's past is going to come into play here. Perhaps we will learn of when he founded the Gotei 13 and perhaps there is more to the Quincy-Shinigami relationship than we knew. Who knows though. Should be exciting nonetheless.

One of my complaints with the last arc was the start of the arc. It was slow and took forever to get things rolling. Everything was set up and there was little plot advancement. I think Kubo has really hit his stride with this arc so far. 10 Chapters in and I already feel like so much has happened. If Kubo can keep up his pacing and tie everything together nicely, I truly think this will turn out to be the best arc in Bleach. Hopefully it is.

So as always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

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