With the recent amount of editors I have seen on the blogs, I am going to start off by saying that we could use your help. Many of you come on to comment on the blogs but never do any work around here. Show your love of Bleach by helping us out a little with the various projects around here. Right now, I am down to a single helper in the Grammar Corner so I could use help there. Then the Bleach Wiki:Article Improvement Project always needs people who are willing to help improve the content of this site. There is a big push going on right now to finish many of our outstanding Fight Summaries so you can talk to Salubri and Mr. N about that. As for the chapter, I find myself very unsatisfied by this chapter. It was a little more focused than previous chapters but there was still not a lot to it. It hinted at some nice things but never delivered.

Ichigo is struggling against Jackie as to be expected and Jackie keeps breaking through his attacks. Sado goes to Kugo about Tsukishima and what his ability is (I think last chapter hinted at it being perception or memory based). Flash back to Ichigo fighting Jackie and she reveals the true ability of her Fullbring, the dirtier they got, the stronger she gets. She tells Ichigo that he needs to fight better and that his attacks are weak and explains the flaw in his attacks. Ichigo then utilizes that very flaw to attack Jackie. She praises him and asks who taught him to fight. Ichigo then gets cocky and says he has more fight experience than her.

Now, the chapter was alright, I don't think it was great but it works. It left me craving so much more though. Something happened at the end and while Kubo is usually very good with his cliffhangers, this one was pretty badly executed. You can't see anything, the text just says "an accident?" and you see Ichigo's eyes flare a little. Kubo usually gives a small taste of what is to come. Jackie's ability is very meh to me. The Fullbrings up to this point have all been pretty original so far aside from Kugo. Growing stronger like Jackie can is not all that original aside from how she has to do it which makes me wonder why she just doesn't carry bottles of mud with her so she is always prepared and can grow stronger? Oh well, I don't know. This chapter was just not satisfying for me. The previous chapter weren't great but at least I felt like I got my fill of Bleach for the week in them. Not much else to say for this chapter so I will be returning to Ichigo vs. Amagai, still one of my favorite fights ever.

As always, comments are very much welcomed, just keep them clean.

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