Okay, I am calling utter bullcrap on this chapter. Number one, Yamamoto, the strongest character in the series, would not be taken down by a single swing of an enemy's sword. Second, Yama displayed the biggest problem with this arc, captains standing around looking at their opponents in awe. The second his Bankai was stolen, he just stood there. The same thing happened to Byakuya. He just stood there and took As' attacks.

While it was nice to have some backstory with Yama and having nearly destroyed Soul Society with his Bankai 1000 years ago, it still doesn't really give us much as to who exactly Juhabach is, how he is alive after 1000 years and what exactly happened 1000 years ago. Now Seireitei is gone and looks like pretty much everyone is dead or too injured to keep fighting, so now Kubo has an excuse to bring in the Royal Guard. I wanted to see them but I didn't think Kubo would turn all of the Shinigami in to nothing more than drawings while the Vandenreich exterminated them to bring in the Royal Guard.

The pacing of this arc is so horrible I can't even imagine right now how Kubo could have ever though this arc would last long. I really can't see it lasting more than till maybe February. Anyway, as always, comments are very welcome, just keep them clean.

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