Another week and another Deicide chapter. Im starting to truly consider the idea that the Arrancar Arc ended and this is the smaller arc that Kubo promised. If it is, I will be very upset. Anyway, words cannot describe how disappointed I am with this chapter. Last week we have this great thing with Rangiku showing up and Hollow Zangetsu and they are both wasted. Hollow Zangetsu is not even shown, we just get a page with Ichigo bleeding out of his mouth and Isshin running out of energy.

Then with the whole Rangiku thing. I was laughing while Kanonji was there trying to be a hero and then everything just got bad once he left. Gin just snatches Rangiku away, talks to her for a second and then she is lying in defeat on her back again (btw, is it me or is Rangiku always laying on her back? Im calling sexism on Kubo). I wanted to see Gin's redemption or even Rangiku turning against the Gotei 13 to be with Gin, anything would have been better. But no, she was Kensei'd or Aizen'd or Gin'd or whatever you want to call it. It was just stupid and a total waste of everything that Kubo was building up.

However, there was one small tidbit of this chapter I liked. Tatsuki looks over and sees Keigo with a sword. I was thinking, "No way. Keigo is a shinigami?" then he says that Mr. Afro is down and he took his sword. I started cracking up so hard. NOT ZENNOSUKE. I was really hoping he would be the one to kill Aizen. Oh well.

As always comments are appreciated but keep them on topic and no bashing other users(though this seems to happen every week on my blog)

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