I am becoming good at predicting this. Like I thought, this chapter was nothing special, it was all build up for the next chapter. I can't really say I had a problem with this chapter other than it not really doing anything. It was entirely set up and it kind of makes me feel that we were robbed of a chapter.

Anyway, Aizenfly is looking awesome if not a little bit creepy. We have certainly seen that he can no longer be considered a shinigami based on what Isshin said about no shinigami being able to do anything to the reiatsu train. He is something new and so we might have to change the classification on his page now.

I was kind of disappointed that Rangiku did not show up. I saw that Tinni had a theory that Rangiku would show up and open the gate for Ichigo and Isshin. I thought this sounded like the most logical thing because now that everyone is gone, her running towards the battle is pointless. The only thing they can do with her now is have her show up to the battlefield, see no one is there and then whine. Kind of stupid.

Then of course the best for last. The final Getsuga. I am really hoping for some gigantic version of getsuga that is super powerful and not just a slightly enhanced version of it. Deicide 10 will hopefully reveal the nature of Isshin's getsuga but right now I am leaning towards that it is a family technique. Whatever it is though, I just want to know NOW. Kubo has really lacked on explanations lately. Oh and before I forget, Isshin headbutting Ichigo again was awesome.

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